I have a variable with a string...and I want to know if it contains any value other than single quote, comma and a space ("', ") I'm using vba in excel.

for example, i have a varible strA = "'test', 'player'" I want to check to see if strA has any characters other than "', " (single quote, comma and space).



Here is a strategy based on Count occurrences of a character in a string I don't have vba handy, but this should work. The idea is to remove all these characters and see if anything is left. text represents your string that is being tested.

Dim TempS As String
TempS = Replace(text, " " , "")
TempS = Replace(TempS, "," , "")
TempS = Replace(TempS, "'" , "")

and your result is Len(TempS>0)

Another approach is to use recursion by having a base case of false if the string is empty, if the first character is one of the three call ourselves on the rest of the string, or if not the value is true. Here is the code

 function hasOtherChars(s As String) As Boolean
 if (len(s)=0) then
   exit function
 end if
 Dim asciiSpace As Integer
    asciiSpace = Asc(" ")
    Dim asciiComma As Integer
    asciiComma= Asc(",")
    Dim asciiApostrophe As Integer
    asciiApostrophe = Asc("'")
 Dim c as Integer
 c = Asc(Mid$(s, 1, 1))
 if ((c=asciiSpace) or (c=asciiComma) or (c=asciiApostrophe)) then
    hasOtherChars = hasOtherChars(Mid$(s,2))
 end if
End function

Again I am borrowing from the other thread.

  • note the other methods there could also be adapted for this purpose. Recursion would also be an option long the lines of if empty string, false else if the first char is not one of those 3 true, else whatever it is for the function called on the rest of the string. – Jeremy Kahan May 15 '19 at 0:06

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