According to my knowledge angular follows mvc architecture as i can see in the components there is .ts file(model) and .html file(view) but where is the controller?


While using the Angular framework, it is necessary to understand a few basic terms which will constitue the application you create.

Component: A component is a resuable code, which is capable of performing a set of functions or providing a view based on certain inputs. These inputs are optional. The component may additionally emit events in order to inform its parent component of the changes which might have taken place due to a particular action such as a click.

I am not too Keen on using MVC notation but if we were to strictly choose,

the template would represent the View, class is the Controller & the Service (when it used to retrieve data) is the model.

Because Angular is a client side framework, the MVC pattern Angular follows may be called as MVVC (Model, View, View Controller).


There is no such thing controller in angular.

It's only have component, view, model, services

  1. Component: Will play the role of the controller since it handle logic for the template

  2. Template: Will handle the role view to display the data

  3. Model: Entity model will play the role model in your app

  4. Services: To handle logic for you making http request or doing some side effect in your code

  • Hello Expert thanks for answering the question may i know which design pattern does angular follows is it mvc or mvvm? – Afreen Khanum May 15 at 4:02
  • Angular follow MVVM pattern but you can think component as Controller because it handle logic for your app – Tony Ngo May 15 at 4:03
  • what is AppModule role here? – Afreen Khanum May 15 at 4:15
  • AppModule is the main module too bootstrap the application – Tony Ngo May 15 at 4:16
  • what are the files in angular that plays a mvvm role? – Afreen Khanum May 15 at 4:20

.ts is just the file extension which represents typescript file. model-name.model.ts is the the common way of naming model. Similarly, component-name.component.ts is for component, component-name.component.html for view and service-name.service.ts for service. Finally, as the earlier comment says, you can't directly relate MVC with angular architecture.

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