I'm trying to reproduce a game called ' Mastermind ' for educational purposes. (http://www.webgamesonline.com/mastermind/) The console game down below is part of my finished homework assignment and i'd like to expand on the idea and really breathe some ' life ' into my little project.

I'm wondering how experienced game developers or/and programmers in general find a module that suits their project.

I've tried using the #superwires module which is a rewritten pygame library which makes it easier to understand for entry-level programmers. However it seems to be the case that this module doesn't fit my needs anymore.

Question: Should i drop the superwires module and learn about the pygame module instead as it's more suited for larger-scale projects?

import random

code = []
attempts = 3

while len(code) != 4:
    for x in range(4):
        n = random.randint(1, 4)


pos1 = str(code[0])
pos2 = str(code[1])
pos3 = str(code[2])
pos4 = str(code[3])

answer = str(pos1) + str(pos2) + str(pos3) + str(pos4)

guess = None

while guess != answer:

    positionguess1 = str(input("position 1: "))
    positionguess2 = str(input("position 2: "))
    positionguess3 = str(input("position 3: "))
    positionguess4 = str(input("position 4: "))
    checklist = []
    whitecheck = 0
    redcheck = 0

# Redchecks
    if positionguess1 == pos1:
        redcheck += 1

    if positionguess2 == pos2:
        redcheck += 1

    if positionguess3 == pos3:
        redcheck += 1

    if positionguess4 == pos4:
        redcheck += 1

# Whitechecks
    if positionguess1 != pos1 and positionguess1 in answer and positionguess1 not in checklist:
        whitecheck += 1

    if positionguess2 != pos2 and positionguess2 in answer and positionguess2 not in checklist:
        whitecheck += 1

    if positionguess3 != pos3 and positionguess3 in answer and positionguess3 not in checklist:
        whitecheck += 1

    if positionguess4 != pos4 and positionguess4 in answer and positionguess4 not in checklist:
        whitecheck += 1

    crackattempt = str(positionguess1) + str(positionguess2) + str(positionguess3) + str(positionguess4)

    print ("You've entered:", crackattempt)

    if crackattempt == answer:
        print ("Amount in wrong position with right value:", whitecheck)
        print("Amount in the right position and the right value:", redcheck)
        print ("cracked the code, you win")
    elif attempts == 0:
        print ("you lose.")
    elif crackattempt != answer:
        print ("Wrong! Try again.")
        print("Amount in wrong position with right value:", whitecheck)
        print("Amount in the right position and the right value:", redcheck)

        attempts -= 1

from superwires import games, color

games.init(screen_width = 480, screen_height = 640, fps = 50)

class Wrapper(games.Sprite):
    """Keeps sprites on screen"""

    def update(self):

        self.x = games.mouse.x
        self.y = games.mouse.y

        if self.left < 0:
            self.left = 0

        if self.right > games.screen.width:
            self.right = games.screen.width

class Redball(Wrapper):

    image = games.load_image("red.png")

    def __init__(self):

            image= Redball.image,
            x = 50,
            y = 580
    def update(self):
        if games.keyboard.is_pressed(games.K_1):
            self.x = games.mouse.x
            self.y = games.mouse.y

class Greenball(Wrapper):

    image = games.load_image("green.png")

    def __init__(self):

            image = Greenball.image,
            x = 125,
            y = 580
    def update(self):
        if games.keyboard.is_pressed(games.K_2):
            self.x = games.mouse.x
            self.y = games.mouse.y

class Game(object):

    def __init__(self):

        self.score = games.Text(value = 0,
                                size = 30,
                                color = color.white,
                                top = 5,
                                right = games.screen.width - 10,
                                is_collideable = False)

        self.redball = Redball()
        self.greenball = Greenball()


    def play(self):
        """ Play the game. """

        image = games.load_image("background.jpg")
        games.screen.background = image
        games.screen.event_grab = True

def main():

    pythonmind = Game()

Expected results: Sprites should be initially invisible and should only be visible when a key is pressed(NUM 1-6), it should pass a value the selected sprite is on top of an empty box (Overlapping sprite maybe?) and the key is pressed down again. (Space)

It should be easier to just look at the example above (click the link)

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    Unfortunately, the answer isn't a straight forward one. You search on the web for a library, find something that sounds interesting, read the documentation and its features, and if it seems good you test it. If you feel like superwires supports what you want to do, then test it. Everything depends on your goals. – Ted Klein Bergman May 15 at 12:57
  • Asking for library or software recommendation is off-topic on stackoverflow – Valentino May 15 at 16:49
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    Write the module yourself, you will learn a lot. Don't worry about not knowing how to write feature-X beforehand, just make a start and keep chipping away at it. When you have specific problems, ask a question here. It's very rare to find a module that does exactly what you need anyway. – Kingsley May 15 at 22:22

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