I am having a CXGrid with cxGridTableView, I have some 9 columns out of them some are having cxcomboBox , cxcheckcombobox, cxMemo etc.

The existing grid is Orpheus table and the column is of type TOvcTCComboBox this adds items like this OvcTCComboBox_Name.Items.Add('Name'); How can we achieve this on CXGrid with cxGridTableView

1.  procedure SetCombobox(aCombo: TOvcTCComboBox; sTyp: string; bFirst: Bool; sSpr: string; sRetVal: string);

2.  procedure SetCombobox(aCombo: TCxComboBox; sTyp: string; bFirst: Bool; sSpr: string; sRetVal: string);

I have changed the procedure declaration from 1 to 2 and called the procedure with parameters as below


Still this is not working, How can this be fixed?

Please help..


To answer your first question, you can use this to add items to a bound grid with a combobox in the first column


You'll find you can't directly translate your existing SetCombobox function, and so your existing code will be affected

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    I have implemented my SetComboBox procedure by passing the first parameter as TCxGridColumn and in the procedure I used the the same above statement you wrote to add items to combobox on grid. – userhi May 15 at 14:11

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