I need the advice of an Opencart whizz please.

I want to create a form where users can register their product guarantees on our website.

We are using Opencart version 2.0 (which I am very new to) and I can't find a way to be able to achieve this from within the interface.

The objective is for us to be able to retrieve and retain the information sent in and notify users of their registration via an email.

I have set up a new page that I want this to sit on but is there a way to create such a form registration form with custom fields?


here is a way you can accomplish this. (Although this is not a copy-paste solution, you can use this as your guide):

  1. create a controller catalog/controller/information/form.php

with two methods: public function index(){} for rendering the form and public function save(){} for receiving an ajax post to save the form data to the database.

  1. create a view file catalog/view/theme/default/template/information/form.tpl (since you are using v2)

here you should render a form with a onlclick event that should send a $.post request to index.php/route=information/form/save with the serialized form data

  1. add a model file that creates a table in the database where you would store the data and also provides a method for saving the data. catalog/model/information/form.php

the model will have two methods: public function installDatabase(){} and public function addData($data){}

  1. and a language file


Now when you visit the page index.php?route=information/form you will see the form and when submited it will be added to the database.

I hope this helps. if you face any issues, leave a comment and I will try to help out;

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