I have two HashSet<u16>s and I would like to implement a = a U b. If possible, I'd like to use HashSet::union rather than loops or other tweaks.

I tried the following:

use std::collections::HashSet;
let mut a: HashSet<u16> = [1, 2, 3].iter().cloned().collect();
let b: HashSet<u16> = [7, 8, 9].iter().cloned().collect();  

// I can build a union object that contains &u16
let union: HashSet<&u16> = a.union(&b).collect();

// But I can't store the union into a
a = a.union(&b).collect();   //  -> compile error

// of course I can do
for x in &b {
// but I wonder if union could not be used to simply build a union

The error message is the following:

the trait bound 
`std::collections::HashSet<u16>: std::iter::FromIterator<&u16>`
is not satisfied

How can I perform a = a U a?


You don't want union — as you said, it will create a new HashSet. Instead you can use Extend::extend:

use std::collections::HashSet;

fn main() {
    let mut a: HashSet<u16> = [1, 2, 3].iter().copied().collect();
    let b: HashSet<u16> = [1, 3, 7, 8, 9].iter().copied().collect();


    println!("{:?}", a); // {8, 3, 2, 1, 7, 9}


Extend::extend is also implemented for other collections, e.g. Vec. The result for Vec will differ because Vec does not honor duplicates in the same way a Set does.

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    Great, exactly what I was looking for. Plus it teaches me that I should not only look at the 'methods' section of the doc to find methods, but also into the traits a struct implements. Rust is really a world on its own :-) – m.raynal May 15 '19 at 11:59

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