I have a problem while running ZINB regression using Winbugs, it keeps showing "order of negative binomial y[1] must be an integer" when I click "gen inits" in the Specification Tool tab. This is my winbugs code for ZINB. Please check this out. Thank you.

for(i in 1:300){
    y[i] ~ dnegbin(p.ind[i], r.ind[i])
    p.ind[i] <- r.ind[i]/(r.ind[i]+lambda.ind[i]*(1-u[i]))
    u[i] ~ dbern(p[i])
    r.ind[i] ~ dgamma(2,1)
    log(lambda.ind[i]) <- b[1]+b[2]*x1[i]+b[3]*x2[i]+b[4]*x3[i]}
    for(k in 1:4){
    a[k] ~ dnorm(0,0.001)
    b[k] ~ dnorm(0,0.001)}

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