I'm using Selenium WebClient & WebDriver behind a proxy server.
And database transactions is done via Hibernate on my MySQL DB server. I'm confused with the following error:

Caused by: java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: INSERT command denied to user 'user'@'**another_IP**' for table 'myTable'

I'm confused completely with this fact that 'another_IP' is my proxy IP but I'm using the proxy just for Selenium not Hibernate connections!!!!
In the other words, my VPS server (sending not only sending web requests but also do db transactions on a remote MySQL DB server, DB_Server_IP, by Hibernate), has My_IP and I'm sending the web requests to web pages, not db transactions, via proxy with IP another_IP. Now, my DB server should receives db transaction requests only from My_IP, BUT It receives from another_IP!!!

  • How do you activate your proxy? – Ortomala Lokni May 18 at 17:10
  • @OrtomalaLokni What do you means by activating my proxy?! I'm using a free proxy server such as: in my selenium webdriver initialization. – Mohsen Abasi May 19 at 7:37

Hibernate has nothing to do in that case .

I think you have not given enough privileges to that MySQL user account on that ip.

Execute this SQL : GRANT SELECT, INSERT, DELETE ON db.* TO 'user'@'anotherip';

and then try to execute the INSERT query.

Update :

If problem is still there, create a MySQL account with that ip :

Execute this SQL : CREATE USER 'user'@'anotherip' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';

and then execute the above command with the insert query.

  • Be sure, be sure, be sure!!! that I know how to grant privileges to a user@ip in MySQL. Understanding why my Hibernate requests are passing via my proxy. Note that I'm using the proxy only when I send web requests for web pages not for hibernate requests. Why my db server receive requests from my proxy IP?? It should receive only from my vps IP not my proxy IP....!!!!! – Mohsen Abasi May 21 at 8:45
  • 1
    Did you know that punctuation marks in singular form is effective? And multiple just makes you look rambling and incoherent? I guess it was an effective warning. Did you think to ask your VPS provider how things are set up? Because obviously we can't change it for you. What answer did you really expect apart from a quick one to get you working? – danblack May 22 at 7:48
  • @danblack I'm looking for an answer that explains why MySQL installed on VPS receives requests from another_IP not from My_IP! – Mohsen Abasi May 22 at 12:06
  • Ask your VPS provider. There are a number of ways and reasons to proxy mysql. Last point on punctuation marks, a single full stop is ok. You won't get a better answer with an exclamation mark, most likely the opposite will ocur. And ask your VPS provider and how they proxy mysql and how you should be using it. – danblack May 22 at 22:37

There's not enough information to know why 'user'@'**another_IP**' is trying to do an INSERT on your MySQL DB; maybe your app using hibernate is behind the proxy as well.

Regardless, in case you want to get rid off this problem by allowing 'user'@'**another_IP**' to do INSERTs, you have to GRANT to it permissions to do so.

To do this you just have to issue a command like:

GRANT INSERT ON db.myTable TO 'user'@'%';

Replacing db, myTable and user values to the corresponding ones of course. The wildcard % will grant user at any ip address the desired INSERT privileges; so regardless of the ip address that your proxy switch to, hibernate would be able to do those INSERTs.

Take notice that if you try to run this command from behind the same proxy, you may encounter similar privilege related problems, so make sure to run it from a user & host that can access your MySQL DB.

Hope this helps.

  • Be sure that I knew Grant permission in MySQL DB!! The problem is that 'another_IP' is changing periodically. I know source of 'another_IP', such as TOR network. I'm using it but in my web requests (E.g. Selenium WebClient and WebDriver in Java code) not Hibernate. How to use Hibernate behind proxy? – Mohsen Abasi May 20 at 9:49

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