I have the below code snippet, the regular for loop works fine. But the for comprehension throws error

println("Using for loop")
for( (key, value) <- orec.groupBy(x => x.continent) )
  println(key + value.length )

println("Using for comprehension")
  (key, value) <- orec.groupBy(x => x.continent)
  println(key + value.length )
} yield (key,value)

The Error message is

Error:(84, 5) '<-' expected but '}' found.
    } yield (key,value)

I could not understand what is wrong with the code. Please help in fixing the issue


println doesn't work within for comprehension just like that. It should be like below.

for {
  (key, value) <- orec.groupBy(x => x.continent)
  _ = println(key + value.length )
} yield (key,value)
  1. A for comprehension should always start with <- in its first statement which creates the context for the remaining expression that are following.

  2. All <- within for comprehension does flatMap expect last one which does map.

You should use _ = for side effecting tasks which doesn't conform to initial context established by for comprehension.

I recommend this tutorial . It explains for comprehensions more elegantly.


You can´t have prints like that inside a for comprehension, you can use them like this:

  (key, value) <- orec.groupBy(x => x.continent) 
} yield println(key + value.length )

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