What is the best way to generate a secure sequence of characters on MySQL / MariaDB?

I want to use such a sequence for a user verification process where the user will get an E-Mail that contains a link like this: www.myawesomewebsite.com/verify/<sequence> Obviously, this sequence should not be guessable / predictable, which is also the reason why I do not use the builtin function UUID() (see here).

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    Possible duplicate of How to generate a UUIDv4 in MySQL? – Nico Haase May 15 at 15:29
  • Not a duplicate, the answer says that the presented method is not cryptographically secure. – Lehks May 15 at 16:20
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    For what you are doing it is more than secure enough. You are only using it for a verification process not to store state secrets. – Dave May 15 at 17:01

In the case you are using them (putting the verification sequence in a URL), each verification sequence has to be absolutely unique (there has to be no chance that one verification sequence accidentally verifies a different user), unless the user must reenter their data at the URL given to them, in which case the verification string need not be unique. To generate a unique identifier, you should combine—

  • a unique part, which in this case can be the record number of the user in question, with
  • a random part, which is a random number generated with a cryptographic random number generator (e.g., random_int in PHP 7 and greater).

See also this question.

Also, since the verification string will appear in a URL which has to be transmitted to the server via HTTP, you ought to use HTTPS to transmit that sequence.

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