How to search issues that are open using curl to query Sonarqube Web API. I am parsing the Bug,Vulnerability and code smell and total of these issues using curl request separately.

The curl query includes the closed issues so I had to use jq to parse and count the open issue which is working. But I would like to fetch the open issues using Web API and without jq. The curl request to Web API includes the open and closed(and resolved) issues where as in the browser of the project dashboard reports only the OPEN issues.

Another problem, I have to include pageSize otherwise it shows only 100. What is the correct and better way to fetch the issue of type bug,vulnerability,code smell and that are in open status for all pages using Sonarqube Web API.

Currently extracting data using jq.

smell_cmd='curl -s -XGET -u $(cat .userpassword) "http://localhost:9000/api/issues/search?componentKeys=component-portlet&facets=types&pageSize=500&types=CODE_SMELL"'
sme_result=$($smell_cmd | jq '.issues[]| select(.status=="OPEN")| .status'|wc -l)

But I would like to have "status=OPEN" and jq for parsing only the metrics from array like below.

curl -s -XGET -u $(cat .userpassword) "http://localhost:9000/api/issues/search?componentKeys=component-portlet&facets=types&pageSize=500&types=CODE_SMELL&status=OPEN"

curl -s -XGET -u $(cat .userpassword) "http://localhost:9000/api/issues/search?componentKeys=component-portlet&facets=types&pageSize=500&types=CODE_SMELL"|jq -r '.facets[0].values[]| [.val, .count] | @csv'

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