I have a JAR which accepts environment variable options. When I run the main class manually by setting run configuration, I provide environment variable as : KERBOROS_KEYTAB_LOC="location of the keytab file"

Now I need to set these options while running the JAR. How I can set that? I tried below option but it is not working.

java -DKERBOROS_KEYTAB_LOC="location of the keytab file" -jar jarfile.jar
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    FYI, -D sets a Java system property, not an environment variable. These are different and separate mechanisms that can be used for roughly similar purposes. May 15, 2019 at 21:29

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On linux, execute

$ export KERBOROS_KEYTAB_LOC="location of the keytab file"

On windows

C:\>SomeDir>set KERBOROS_KEYTAB_LOC="location of the keytab file"

then run the jar as always


Depends on what value you would like to pass as part of environment variable.

If its just key=valuepair where value is not location path, then you just use -Doption , just like how you do VM Args and run.

I had to pass EPAAS_ENV=e1 in environment variable and used below cmd

Java -DEPAAS_ENV=e1 -D<VM ARGS1> -D<VM ARGS2> -D<VM ARGS3> -jar <jarFile.jar>

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In general, You can pass the enviroment variable like below while running a jar file.


java -Djava.security.auth.login.config="/path/kafkalogin.config" -jar myApplication.jar


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