I am trying to modify some code that allows one to compile code in a project directory that may take many formats, e.g., HTML, LaTex, markdown, using Pandoc (well, Pypandoc). I have some code in an HTML file that looks like this:

<h1 data-label="850151" class="ltx_title_section">A heading</h1><h2 data-label="367935" class="ltx_title_subsection">Another heading</h2><div><cite class="ltx_cite raw v1">\cite{ebert_epidemiology_2013}</cite></div><div>Figure <span class="au-ref raw v1">\ref{286335}</span></div><div></div>

This is the LaTex output.

\section{A heading}\label{a-heading}

\subsection{Another heading}\label{another-heading}


Figure {\textbackslash{}ref\{286335\}}

The desired output is, of course

\section{A heading}\label{a-heading}

\subsection{Another heading}\label{another-heading}



I think if I could get Pandoc to strip the <cite> tags and write the citation command as plain text, that would work. I know Pandoc filters are a thing, but I'm not sure if that's what I need.


Yes, you can usee a filter to strip the cite tags.

If you use pandoc -f html+raw_html -t native, you see that <cite>bar</cite> are rendered to:

RawInline (Format "html") "<cite>",Str "bar",RawInline (Format "html") "</cite>"

So the filter should look something like:

function RawInline(elem)
  if elem.format == "html"
    return {}
    return elem
  • As raw LaTeX is embedded into plain text, it might also help to re-interpret strings as LaTeX with a filter like this: function Str (s) return pandoc.read(s.text, 'latex').blocks[1].content end – tarleb May 16 at 15:07
  • I'm having trouble getting rid of ("",["au-ref","raw","v1"],[]) from the AST form of my original input. – mnosefish May 16 at 18:27
  • It seems like there isn't an obvious (to me) way of getting rid of the <span> tags. – mnosefish May 16 at 19:13

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