I have a table of "topics" with associated keyword queries, which I've implemented in a tsquery column. My data basically looks like this:

topic_name   :  topic_tsquery 
Sports       :  'basketball' | 'football'
Crime        :  'violence' | 'police' | 'felony'
Lifestyle    :  'wine' | 'cooking' | 'leisure'

The goal is to automatically map input text documents to topics by doing queries like this:

SELECT topic_name FROM topic 
WHERE to_tsvector(INPUT_DOC_TEXT) @@ topic_tsquery;

Normally in PostgreSQL FTS, I see the tsvector stored and indexed, and the input is the tsquery, but this is sort of the reverse.

Is this is a scalable solution as my topic table grows beyond a few thousand rows? Is there an index I can add my topic_tsquery column to make queries more efficent?

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