In a class hierarchy where one class represents an abstract UI Element, is there a set of values (representable as e.g. an enum, depending on the language), that represents a state that all UI Elements share?

As UI Elements I consider:

  • Buttons
  • Textfields
  • Checkboxes
  • Radio-Groups and -Buttons
  • etc.

Right now I encountered that I need to implement a State for each and every Element that consists of the states "IDLE, HOT and ACTIVE" representing an element that is not below the mouse, that is below the mouse and that has been depressed by a mouseclick. If these states result in a different visual represenation is a different matter, but programatically, to ensure basic functionality, I needed these three in all UI Element representations yet. Though I am not done implementing them all, so if someone can tell me now that actually all UI Elements in the currently know and commonly used metaphor-set contains these states (among others like being "selected" for radio buttons that is separate from the state of having attention from the user etc.) I can alter my approach to the whole problem.

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