I'm working with an older library SpreadsheetLight, I am importing data from a Data table into a template which already has Table. It does insert the data into the file and creates the new file but the table is not resized. I've looked through library and don't see where its possible to do this in Spreadsheet light. Yes, I know I can use other libraries ,but just need this for something simple.

        int iStartRowIndex = 2;
        int iStartColumnIndex = 1;
        SLDocument sl = new SLDocument(@"C:\test\test.xlsx", "Sheet1");
        sl.ImportDataTable(iStartRowIndex, iStartColumnIndex, dt, true);

        int iEndRowIndex = iStartRowIndex + dt.Rows.Count + 1 - 1;
        int iEndColumnIndex = iStartColumnIndex + dt.Columns.Count - 1;
        ///trying to use iendrowindex and column to accomplish but don't see where it I can I can use

        Console.WriteLine("End of program");

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