I cannot find a root cause. Only occurs our pacakges. (Sorry I cannot share it to global.)

Sometimes, our pacakge load whole resources.rsrc when launching apk.

When I enter same screen, meminfo return different native memory.

I dump it all, it figure out the resources.rsrc file.

Is there any loading behavior changes on compatibility JAVA 1.7/1.8? Or Is there any suggestion try to figure out this problem?

What I did

  1. finding PSS memory allocation difference between apks(base code is same) using /proc/PID/maps

    • memory is allocated with "libc_malloc" tags.
  2. using 'frida" I dump my home applicaiton memory and find the increased part.

    • I open same address of increased part. It is resource.asrc file (almost same).

Sorry, I have failed to make reproduce test code But it happens our packages.

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