I am running a python code (V.3.6.5 64-bit) on Windows10 (64-bit). I want to apply numpy and memmap function to create a memory map on the disk. The reason is that my array is huge and get an memory error otherwise. In the case that I use float32

Losses = np.memmap('mmp/losses.dat', dtype=np.float32,mode='w+', shape=(5E6, 2000))

then I get the following meesage:

TypeError: buffer is too small for requested array

and if I change it into the following:

Losses = np.memmap('mmp/losses.dat', dtype=np.float64, mode='w+', shape=(5E6, 2000))

I get the following error message:

    fid.seek(bytes - 1, 0)
OSError: [Errno 22] Invalid argument

How can I get more space on the disk or in other words use the hard as 'RAM'? A minimal runnable example is:

import numpy as np
from numpy.lib.format import open_memmap
Losses = np.memmap('mmp/losses.dat', dtype=np.float64, mode='w+', shape=(5000000, 2000))
  • It might help if you can provide a minimal working example (I could not reproduce the same problems). – Luke May 15 at 19:16

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