I am attempting to use orientation change events to change the layout of a page in a custom manner when the user moves between 'portrait' and 'landscape' mode. I have the orientation event being picked up and my layout change method is called in response to the event. However, the layout is not being rebuilt with this sort of event. Likewise, when a timeout is used to call the layout change method, the layout rebuild is also not happening.

When I add a button to make the call to the same layout change method, the layout rebuild happens as desired. Thus, it seems that some aspect of the events are different in terms of triggering the layout rebuild.

I have looked for details on the events, but have been unable to find any detail to understand the difference in the events and what could be done to trigger the layout change. I have tried to call the requestLayout but that does not seem to trigger the same layout rebuild either.

Suggestions would be appreciated.

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