I need to implement a control that derives from ControlTemplate but has the ability to detect controls in a code behind file. I need to understand how this works in Content Page/View


There is a MSBuild task(s) called XamlG/UpdateDesignTimeXaml the generates the partial class that has the views that you have x:Name defined as global namespace class-level variables and thus generates the variable code of:

private global::Xamarin.Forms.Entry someEntryControl;

Then in that file's InitializeComponent method, the FindByName extension is used to assign the actual runtime instance to the previously defined variable by a string-based lookup by that variable's name:

someEntryControl = global::Xamarin.Forms.NameScopeExtensions.FindByName<global::Xamarin.Forms.Entry>(this, "someEntryControl");

If you go down the rabbit hole of the XAML FindByName code dependancies, you will see that it basically performs a iteration of all the BindableObjects in that view's scope until it finds a matching name or returns null.

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