How best to create my story to process inputs for the sequence:

  1. User greets
  2. Bot reply with greeting
  3. Bot asks user name
  4. User enters name
  5. Bot saves user name

How do I process the input without setting a pattern like "My name is Tom" but being able to process "Tom" as a username

Working with rasa-core and rasa-nlu on my local machine running python.

  • what "without setting a pattern" means? You need to train your model on like inputs to detect a username. – mvs May 16 at 11:45
  • if you want to process "inputs as Intents using Rasa", you can precede input with forward slash (/). e.g. sending /greet will directly fire a greet intent in rasa_core – mvs May 16 at 11:48

You can use define an intent inform, which looks like that in your NLU training data (be sure to provide more examples (> 10) with names so that the entity recognition works reliable):

## intent:inform
- [Tom](name)
- [Lisa](name)
- It is [Tom](name)
- My name is [Bob](name)

and than have a story like:

## Ask name
* greet
  - utter_greet
  - utter_ask_name
* inform{"name": "A name"}
  - action_save_name

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