I just upgraded my local k8s cluster (v1.3.0) to 1.14.0 which i built from scratch, After upgrade kublet service is not starting (systemd unit ) , error message is saying some options are deprecated and need to use new config file method, But i couldn't find any documentation for it , How can I convert my existing kubelet parameters to new config file method (--config flag) ?

Existing kubelet config (systemd service)

/usr/bin/kubelet --allow-privileged=true \
  --api-servers=, \
  --cloud-provider= --cluster-dns= --cluster-domain=cluster.local \
  --configure-cbr0=true --non-masquerade-cidr= \
  --container-runtime=docker --docker=unix:///var/run/docker.sock \
  --network-plugin=kubenet --kubeconfig=/var/lib/kubelet/kubeconfig \
  --reconcile-cidr=true --serialize-image-pulls=false \
  --tls-cert-file=/var/lib/kubernetes/kubernetes.pem \
  --tls-private-key-file=/var/lib/kubernetes/kubernetes-key.pem --v=2
  • But i couldn't find any documentation for it you will appreciate if I find that statement oppressively false -- or rather, I hear you that you didn't bother but I don't believe that you couldn't – Matthew L Daniel May 16 at 4:49

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