I have a query I made that is called getCurrentFunc function:

()=> List.Select(Record.FieldNames(#sections[Section1]),
                 each (try Record.Field(#sections[Section1],_))[HasError]){0}

When I create a new query and invoke it through the power query editor, it will show the current queries name. e.g. If I have a query Invoked Function with the body of getCurrentFunc() it prints Invoked Function.

However, when I try to export this function to excel, I get the following error.

[Expression.Error] There weren't enough elements in the enumeration to complete the operation.

I'm trying to capture the current query name as my users are trying to avoid the powerquery interface and would like to do everything using named ranges. Unfortunately, copying sheet with powerquery tables does generate a new query, but does not update the sheet references. I was hoping to use the currently executing query to have the new named range match the name of the sheet.

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