I put a button in my shiny app, which download a table (called "tableau_final"), that i created in my code.

Howevever, when i print (on paper) the window of my app, i can see that my downloading button has sessions informations.

Is there a way to delete the session informations and just to see the download button like on the shiny app?

download button with session informations after printing the app window

My code is pretty basic :

output$Download_Tableau.xlsx <- downloadHandler(
  filename = function() {
    paste(input$type, ".xlsx", sep = "")
  content = function(file){
    fname <- paste(file,"xlsx",sep=".")
    wb <- loadWorkbook(fname, create = TRUE)
    createSheet(wb, name = "Detail")
    writeWorksheet(wb,  tableau_final, sheet = "Detail")

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