(I don't know which FOP version I'm using. I only have API/HTTP access to the service. I'm asking.)

I'm making a PDF with Apache FOP. It contains SVG with <text>. Some text is Bulgarian/Cyrillic, inside and outside the SVG.

In a web browser, Bulgarian needs no encoding:

  • In a <table>: <td class="label">Спортуване</td>
  • In an <svg>: <text x="153" y="91">Спортуване</text>

In Apache FOP input XML, it needs encoding:

  • Outside SVG: <fop:block>&#1057;&#1087;&#1086;&#1088;&#1090;&#1091;&#1074;&#1072;&#1085;&#1077;</fop:block>
    • Every character is encoded to a &#0000;
    • That works, outside SVG
  • Inside SVG: <svg:text x="153" y="91" >&#1057;&#1087;&#1086;&#1088;&#1090;&#1091;&#1074;&#1072;&#1085;&#1077;</svg:text>
    • (Local namespace is svg)
    • Same exact encoding
    • Doesn't work =(

So the only part that doesn't work is text inside the SVG. Text outside works perfectly.

It's not the font. I can change inside and outside SVG fonts to Times (the default), and the same happens with the new font: works outside SVG, doesn't inside.

Web browser result:

SVG in web browser

PDF result:


PDF, outside SVG:

Non-SVG in PDF

My special spelling of Aesthetics (aëstéthics) does work in the PDF SVG. It's only partly encoded, since some characters are safe ASCII: <svg:text x="436" y="218">a&#235;st&#233;thics</svg:text>. The &#1234; encoded characters work, like they do outside the SVG for Cyrillic.

How do I add unicode <text> in SVG in FOP??

  • As I know (maybe I'm wrong), FOP uses Apache Batik (as a library) to convert any SVG file within .fo to PNG while rendering PDF files. Could you try to use Apache Batik separately to convert your SVG image with a font to any PNG image and what a result you will get? – Eduard Tibet yesterday
  • @EduardTibet The SVG in PDF doesn't seem to be PNG, since all the text is selectable. Maybe the rest is PNG, but that's not the problem. Only the text is, which is still text in the PDF. – Rudie 2 hours ago

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