There is a HTML like this.

<div class="paginate_box">
  <span class="disabled prev_page">Back</span>
  <span class="current">1</span>
  <a rel="next" href="page2">2</a>
  <a rel="next" href="page3">3</a>
  <a class="next_page" rel="next" href="page2">Next</a>

To get biggest number of the pages I wrote this.

doc = Nokogiri::HTML(html)
#=> "3"

At first I wrote a[@class!="next_page"] instead of a[not(@class="next_page")], but it didn't match the tag. Why it doesn't match? What am I doing wrong?


So the problem here is you are trying to use != on an attribute (@class) that is only present on the last node. This means @class cannot be compared on the other nodes because it is essentially saying nothing != 'next_page'.

Since nothing is not comparable to anything, operators (including != and =) will always return false.

In your not function you are asking if nothing = 'next_page' which is always false (as explained above) and thus not makes it true and the element is selected.

You can prove this by adding a class to one of the other anchor tags and then use the != version.

Side note you can simplify the code to just use xpath

#=> "3"
# Or  
#=> "3"

Also if next_page anchor is always present and always last and the highest page number always precedes it then you can avoid the condition altogether:

#=> "3"

Here we are saying find the anchor in the position right before the last one in that div.


#=> "3"

This will find the last anchor then all the anchor siblings preceding it in bottom up order and we are selecting the first one in that list.

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