I'm writing and app for downloading media from Twitter using twitter4j, i got the media url without problem from one tweet, but when i try to download it i only get a "download unsuccessfull" or a download with an empty file.

I've been testint changing parameters on the request, checked permisissions, trying to download images from another source (not twitter) but all i get is exactly the same error.

Here's the fragment of the code where i try to download:

DownloadManager downloadManager= (DownloadManager) getSystemService(DOWNLOAD_SERVICE);
Uri uri =Uri.parse (url2);
DownloadManager.Request request = new DownloadManager.Request(uri);

request.setAllowedNetworkTypes(DownloadManager.Request.NETWORK_WIFI | DownloadManager.Request.NETWORK_MOBILE);
request.setDestinationInExternalFilesDir(context, Environment.DIRECTORY_DOWNLOADS, "testing.mp4");


Any idea about what i'm doing wrong?

Thank you.

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