A two weeks ago branch 'branch-one'(that was created a two monts ago and contained a lot of old code) merged into 'master' and this commit has name 'commit123'. After merging team worked and made a lot of commits. Need to remove this merge, but save subsequent commits.

I see solution: revert merge commit, after add by cherry-pick subsequent commits, but this is long solution.

Does anyone can suggest much optimistic and short solution?


If you have no problem rewriting history, get rid of the merge in history and replay history after it. Let's call that revision merge-rev

git checkout merge-rev~1 # right before the revision you want to get rid of
git cherry-pick merge-rev..master # linear history between merge and master (not including the merge you want to get rid). Adjust if the branch is not master
# if you like the results
git branch -f master
git push -f some-remote master # if you need to push somewhere to replace the old branch

This is assuming history is linear after the merge you want to get rid of.

$ git fetch
$ git checkout commit123 # the merge revision you want to get rid of
$ git reset --soft <the-commit-on-master-before-the-merge>
$ git commit -m 'squashed commit123'
$ git checkout origin/master
$ git revert <squashed-commit123>

The squashed commit has the same content as the merge, but is easier to revert on master.

  • Not what I would do (I would definitely rewrite history) but still a nice trick to get the content of the merge squashed into a single revision. Gotta love git reset --soft – eftshift0 May 15 at 17:29

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