I'm trying to design a class with @dataclass feature from python 3.7. I'm unsure in specific gains in my case.

Lets take following dummy class :

server: str
database: str
name: str
lastName: str
cursor: Type[MySQLDB] = field=(default_factory=connect_to_db() )

def __post_init__(self):
    super().__init__(target= self.run(), name= self.name)
    conn_string: str = field(init=False, default="Data Source={0};Data Base={1}").__format__(
            self.server, self.database)

     name_lastname_string: str = field(init=False, default = "SELECT name FROM 
       where name = [{1}];).__format__(self.database, self.last name())

def run(self):

def connect_to_db():
         mysql_connect = mysql.connector.connect(user = self.user, 
                                                    password = self.password, 
                                                    host = self.host, 
                                                    database = self.database)            
         if (mysql_connect.is_connected()):
              return mysql_connect
              return None

def last_name(query):

    respond = self.cursor.fetchone()
    return respond[0]

So my question is will this concept of dataclasses design be able to grant me bigger flexibility in specific case of inheritance of threading.Thread. And database calls from which i will define my attributes.

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