I'm using the node module request to download multiple files in an Electron app. But I'm hitting an, intermittent, issue when I turn off, and back on, my wireless network during a download. e.g.

If I'm downloading 4 files and turn off and on the wireless (with a ~20 second gap) I can see

  • 2 files download successfully
  • 1 file be corrupted
  • 1 file get zero response (which'll hang my app as I'm waiting on that response)

I've also seen

  • all 4 files download successfully
  • 2 - 3 subsequent files download
  • Then 1 file gets zero response (again causing a hang in my app on that particular promise)

In an attempt to work around this I've set the timeout on the request to 20 seconds. It causes the file downloads to unsurprisingly timeout. But when the network is turn back on it does not recover. i.e. All downloads continue to timeout. At the time I can grab the urls myself and download with a browser. But the app continues to be in a 'bad state'.

What would cause these problems? Any debug tips beyond enabling debug in request?

Code I'm using

const stream = request(file.uri, {timeout: 20000})
  .on('error', (error) => {
    console.error(`Failure downloading ${timeMarker} with error ${error}`);
  ..... etc

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