I want to write a little extension for Firefox, that allows the user to hide the total playtime for videos on certain channels (For videos regarding say tournaments, in which the total playtime can give away the course of the match). So far, I've been able to do that meaning that I can find out if it's the right channel and hide the elements I want to hide.

However, any event-listener that I tried only works after I've manually reloaded the extension (having loaded it in locally). So if I open a new tab with a youtube video, it does nothing, but when I reload it, it works as intended, hiding the total play time on chosen channels and showing it on all other channels.

As for the manifesto, it should only every work on Youtube Videos:

  "matches": ["*://*.youtube.com/watch*"]

And as for the listeners, I've tried several, load, DOMContentLoaded, ready, even Youtube specific ones that I've found, using them like so:

  window.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', on_yt_load(), false);

With on_yt_load() being the function that works once I reload everything manually, but doesn't when the plugin is already loaded.

I'm aware that Youtube itself doesn't reload when switching between videos, but my concern right now is when loading the page from scratch, so no transitions from Youtube.

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