Please could someone help with a MYSQL Select query wherein I update the table at two different intervals (01/01/2019 and 02/01/2019) in the given example and I should be able to trace the missing updates from the previous upload (ie 01/01/2019)

S.No    Emp Name    Update Date
1   Test 1  01/01/19
2   Test 2  01/01/19
3   Test 3  01/01/19
4   Test 1  02/01/19
5   Test 2  02/01/19

In the above example, I am expecting the result of the query to be

3, Test 3, 01/01/2019 

for the MYSQL query syntax run?


You can find the rows with missing updates with NOT EXISTS:

select t.*
from tablename
  t.updatedate = '2019-01-01'
  and not exists (
    select 1 from tablename
    where empname = t.empname and date = '2019-01-02'
  • Thanks forpas. Will give it a try and revert.. much appreciated :) – Jaghadish May 15 at 18:04

If you want rows that are updated on one day but not the next:

select t.*
from t
where not exists (select 1
                  from t t2
                  where t2.empname = t.empname and
                        t2.date = t.date + interval 1 day
                 ) and
      exists (select 1
              from t t2
              where t2.date = t.date + interval 1 day

The first clause checks that nothing exists on the next day for the empname. The second checks that something does exist, to prevent returning everything on the most recent day.

You can add a where clause to limit the outer query to one or more days of interest.

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