Working on creating an add-on that will return an Object to the node environment. Basing my work on Atul Anand's introduction to N-API in C++, the methods of the class object are wrapped in InstanceMethod() to expose them; but that function wants a method that returns a Napi::Value. I can't figure out the invocation to convert the C++ pointer into a Value; Value::From(env, ptr) errors (Visual C++ 2017) with "cannot convert from 'initializer list' to 'Napi::Value'".


It seems that even as I was asking here, someone else was asking at the Node-API-Addon github site. The solution initially posted to the user's question was what I needed to get my code working.

In short (and obvious in retrospect): the C++ pointer is useless in JavaScript, the method needs to return a JavaScript object wrapping the C++ object. The JS object is maintained within a napi_ref (Napi::Reference) and the reference's Value() is what gets returned from the access method.


You will have to use napi_wrap and napi_unwrap in your native code during cross boundary object access.
napi_unwrap(): to retrieves a native instance that was previously wrapped in a JavaScript object
napi_wrap(): to wraps a native instance in a JavaScript object

The following URL is for n-api documentation Object Wrap, that has more detailed information about it. https://nodejs.org/api/n-api.html#n_api_object_wrap

The following github example has this usage

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