There are 537 high dimensional images of 10 different classes(like guitar, violin,cat, dog) in a folder in my system, I want to classify these images by using VGG16 pre-trained model and store them in their individual folder (say the guitar images get stored in folder named as guitar and so on).

How can I do that?

I trained my model with VGG16 and I have a list of probabilities in a object "final" as

[[('n04536866', 'violin', 0.98542005),
  ('n02992211', 'cello', 0.011837473),
  ('n04033901', 'quill', 0.0005115752),
  ('n02879718', 'bow', 0.0003736455),
  ('n04127249', 'safety_pin', 0.00014224136)],
 [('n03028079', 'church', 0.35847503),
  ('n02825657', 'bell_cote', 0.22777957),
  ('n03781244', 'monastery', 0.21779507),
  ('n02708093', 'analog_clock', 0.067872286),
  ('n02980441', 'castle', 0.044268098)] 

and so on, I have mentioned the output only for two images prob value, now I am unable to iterate this list and store the highest probabilities in different folders.

pred=model.predict(train) #till here i train my model with all images
final=decode_predictions(pred) #in this i have prob for all the predicted images, so here my question start.

expected output should be as follow:

file                folder

00001.jpg           acoustic
000045.jpg          laptop

and so on.

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