I want to upload files from my local file system to a new GCP Storage Bucket. I want to create a new directory in the storage bucket for the local files to reside in.

I can do this successfully, however Terraform creates the the full local file path in the Storage Bucket. I just want to create the GCP bucket, create new directories in the GCP bucket, and upload the local files.

variable "bucket_name" {
  default = "my-bucket-gfsdfdye32421"
variable "my_files" {
  default = ["local/docs/red.txt", "local/docs/blue.txt"]

resource "google_storage_bucket" "bucket" {
  name          = "${var.bucket_name}"
  force_destroy = true

resource "google_storage_bucket_object" "default" {
  count  = "${length(var.my_files)}"
  name   = "new_gcp_dir/${element(var.my_files, count.index)}"
  source = "${element(var.my_files, count.index)}"
  bucket = "${google_storage_bucket.bucket.name}"

The above code creates the following file structure in my GCP Bucket:

my-bucket / new_gcp_dir / local / docs / red.txt
my-bucket / new_gcp_dir / local / docs / blue.txt

I would like the GCP file structure to look like this instead:

my-bucket / new_gcp_dir / red.txt
my-bucket / new_gcp_dir / blue.txt
  • Does the local path vary between files? Otherwise you could just hardcode the dirname in the source parameter and cut it out of the variable altogether. – ydaetskcoR May 15 at 19:33
  • The directory name does not change. But the bucket and directory needs to be created at deployment. I will give your recommendation a try. – chew224 May 15 at 20:07

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