I'm using Flutter's Material slider.dart and the official widget supports callbacks for onChanged, onChangeEnd, and onChangeStart. These start and end callbacks are a bit odd though in that they trigger on a quick tap of the slider, as well as a touch and slide of the slider that's still being held, and then they fire again when the slider thumb is released. What I really need to know is when the slider is FULLY released (from either a quick tap OR a touch and slide).

So I have found a way to edit .../flutter/packages/flutter/lib/src/Material/slider.dart in a way that prints out to the console the status I need. I look at all handleEvent calls and added the following to know when touch was up or down (see the change using event.runtimeType):

  void handleEvent(PointerEvent event, BoxHitTestEntry entry) {
    if (event.runtimeType == PointerDownEvent) {
      _touchActive = true;
    } else if (event.runtimeType == PointerUpEvent) {
      _touchActive = false;
    assert(debugHandleEvent(event, entry));
    if (event is PointerDownEvent && isInteractive) {
      // We need to add the drag first so that it has priority.

But now I need to somehow get that data back out of the widget through a callback. The callback can be similar to any of the three mentioned earlier such as onChangeStart or onChangeEnd, but I'm not sure where all I need to update to create this. Can anyone help point me to how to add this?


You would have to add additional members of the Slider class similar to final ValueChanged<double> onChangeStart; and add them to the constructor.

When you wanted to trigger your new event, you would call them, similar to: widget?.onChangeStart(_lerp(value)); (I added the ? in case your call back is null. Equally you could assert that it is not like: assert(widget.onChangeStart != null);)

Aside - rather than event.runtimeType == PointerDownEvent you could use event is PointerDownEvent

  • Ok, I tried this, I was able to add ValueChanged<bool>. There were a lot of places to add the new member! Thanks for the "is" tip. That's great to know. – Eradicatore May 15 at 18:41

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