I have created Spring boot (2.1.4.RELEASE) REST endpoint to GET some data from the server. When I call this endpoint from the browser, I see the JSON in the browser window but I notice that the the spinner in fav icon is going on for 60 seconds. When i look at the network tab, I never see the response section for the request. After 60 seconds, it says that it failed. When I walk through the code in debugger, I see that data is being returned from the controller and when I 'play' the rest of the stack everything completes (thread that is being assigned to serve the request) I am kind of puzzled what's causing this behavior.

public ResponseEntity<Collection<HpManifest>> getRecipes() {
    ResponseEntity<Collection<HpManifest>> response = hpService.getRecipes();
    return response;

public ResponseEntity<Collection<HpManifest>> getRecipes() {
    logger.info("Retrieving recipes from");

    UriComponentsBuilder builder = 
                .queryParam("type", HpManifestType.RECIPE.getType());

    logger.info("REST endpoint: " + builder.toUriString());

    ResponseEntity<Collection<HpManifest>> recipes = restTemplate.exchange(
            HttpMethod.GET, null, new ParameterizedTypeReference<Collection<HpManifest>>() {});

    logger.info("recipes are:");
    recipes.getBody().forEach(r -> logger.info(r.toString()));

    return recipes;

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I ran into a similar issue just the other day. In my case it turned out to be that recipes (returned from the restTemplate.exchange method) contained a Transfer-Encoding: chunked in the headers and then when you return recipes, your spring framework is probably also including a Content-Length header. The combination of these two headers in a response to a browser can cause issues because the browser thinks it's getting chunked data back, but in reality it is not. I suggest making a new ResponseEntity from your recipes variable along the lines of:

return ResponseEntity.status(recipes.getStatusCode()).body(response.getBody());

Alternatively you could maybe force your spring framework to return chunked data, but I think that is not the right way to go.

  • Thank you. I tried to return a new response entity and things worked without seeing your response. But with your explanation, it makes sense why it behaves that way too. Thanks again. – John May 15 at 19:38

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