I have an express an application where in one of my endpoints I would like to upload files using multer. The problem is that when I try the api endpoint with postman on my machine it works fine. But when I upload it to the digital ocean server, I don't get any response in postman and it gets stuck in waiting for response ..

When I check the related directory in digital ocean, I see that the file is uploaded. What might be the reason that the file is getting uploaded but I don't get any response from the server ? As I said all is working fine in my local machine when trying with localhost. There, I do a get a response. By the way, all the other api end points are working fine in the ubuntu machine on digital ocean. In the simplest example I provided here, I don't get the success message.

let upload = multer({dest:'public/img/promotions'})

router.post('/', upload.single('file'), async (req, res) => {

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