I know GCP's CloudSQL supports instance backups of some kind. Also noted that they make it really easy to create and delete databases from the CloudSQL instance details -> Databases tab.

I am concerned about how easy it is to delete a database, especially since mistakes happen. Is it possible at all to restore an accidentally-deleted db? I cannot find any docs on how one would go about such a scenario. Or better yet, how to prevent such accidental deletes?


Just for clarification, I'm discussing deleting databases on an instance, and not the instances themselves.

Even with a regular SQL instance, deleting a database is very easy. As long as you have the correct permissions, all it takes is the following:


So if you want to prevent someone from deleting a database, just don't give them the DROP permission on the database.

Cloud SQL follows the same logic. If you check out the docs for deleting a database, you'll see it requires the sqlservice.admin scope. Avoid granting users this IAM permission, and they won't be able to delete an instance.

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