We have a service which have one singular API (deals with a single entity) ,avg latency=400ms and one batch api which deals with around 2000 entities in a single call[latency=200s]. Both api reads and write into db tables. The volume handled by both the apis is very different. The singular api has a well defined pattern which has daily maxima and minima at increases and decreases at a contant rate. The ddb tables are able to handle this traffic very well. The problem comes when the bulk api start receiving volume for around 2-3 hours daily and handles 20 times more entities per second as compared to the other api. This has impact on write/read of the db tables which are unable to auto-scale at such a brisk rate. .

We are thinking of options like rate limiting to achieve tune our traffic to adhere to the db auto scaling. We don't want to have a fixed rate beacuse that would impact our client's SLA (operator facing tool). Is there a way to have dynamic rate limits which can scale as per current traffic and would allow db enough time to auto scale?


Please try and have a look over the solution being provided by Netflix Concurrency Limits

And the more detail about the same can be found in this wonderful article Performance Underload

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