I have an excel workbook with links to external Excel-Add-In-files. Recently I migrated the files from old Excel 2003 to current Excel versions. The Workbook now is a .xml-file and the Excel-Add-In file is now a .xlam-file.

After changing the references in VBA and saving all files in the new format, I have a link left that still points to the old .xla-File. I searched all vba codes, all worksheet-formulas and all name-references for any occurence of the old .xla-file without success.

I could neither update the link nor break the link. Any suggestions welcome! Thank You

  • Try file-> check for issues -> check compatibility. – Greg Viers May 15 at 18:14
  • Thank You Greg, that did not change the behaviour. – DrMarbuse May 16 at 15:30

After a while, I extracted the .xlsm-file-structure to a directory and searched the xml-contents for the old addin-filename. I found conditional formatting that used a formula and was not updated to the new .xlam-file but still referred to the old .xla-file.

So Excel does not update all links to a file: formulas in conditional formatting are not updated.

The solution was to change the formulas of the conditional formatting and the missing reference problem was gone. So I think, this is more an exotic problem, as conitional formatting with formulas is not very common and a formula containing a function to an external file isn't either.

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