We want to 1) create a Publish Profile SQL Script, 2) edit the script file by editing certain text with Powershell, 3) Then Run the newly edited publish profile Script in TFS to a database.

1) The following command creates a Publish Profile SQL Script into a Database from TFS Command Line.

 sqlpackage.exe  /Action:Script /SourceFile:"test.dacpac" /Profile:"QA.publish.xml"

2) This will edit script (remove indexes for now)


$sql = Get-Content OriginalPublishScript.sql -Raw
$sql = $sql -replace '(?smi)(CREATE NONCLUSTERED INDEX (.*?))\);',''
$sql | Set-Content -Path NewPublishScript.txt

3) How would I finally execute the New Publish SQL Script from TFS??


  • Did you try sqlpackage.exe /Action:Publish ...? – Shayki Abramczyk May 15 at 18:47
  • You can just add one step to your powershell script and use "Invoke-Sqlcmd" or "sqlcmd" utility – Piotr May 15 at 19:46

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