I have had this problem for months. every time that I want to get a new python package and use it I get this error in terminal:

ImportError: No module named site

I don't know why do I get this error. actually, I can't use any new package because every time that I wanna install one I get this error. I searched and I found out that the problem would be for PYTHONPATH and PYTHONHOME but I don't know what they are and how can I change them. My operating system is mac os and I don't know how to solve this problem in mac.

every time that I open the terminal I use these two commands to solve the problem:


but the next time I get the error again.

  • What are you doing exactly when you try to get a new python package? – Green Cloak Guy May 15 at 18:18
  • Possible duplicate of ImportError: No module named site on Windows – Laurent LAPORTE May 15 at 18:22
  • @Green Cloak Guy: Using pip install. for example, I wanted to get nilearn and I used this command: pip install -U --user nilearn – niloofar latifian May 15 at 18:24
  • @LaurentLAPORTE : It told for windows and I don't know how to do it for mac? – niloofar latifian May 15 at 18:28
  • Have you tried completely reinstalling python? site-packages is, by my understanding, one of the fundamental/core libraries and should be built-in to your python installation. If it's not there then something is borked. – Green Cloak Guy May 15 at 18:53

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