I am being asked to define two variables and assign them values. Then I need to print both values into one console log using concatenation.

This is the code I have typed,

var ThingOne = "yellow"; 
var ThingTwo = "green";

console.log(ThingOne , ThingTwo);

as it is an online quiz the feedback I have received includes

  • ThingOne is not defined
  • ThingTwo is not defined
  • the value of ThingOne was not printed in the console
  • your code is missing semicolons at the end of each line

when I run the code it returns yellow green which is what i was looking for, but I am stumped as to what I further need to do in order to

  1. define ThingOne and ThingTwo
  2. make sure the value of ThingOne is printed into the console
  3. and where else to add semicolons


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    Not really sure what the questions is. As you said, the code works and does what you expect. Its valid javascript. Whatever reason this quiz is giving you errors is anybodies guess. – SpeedOfRound May 15 at 18:30
  • The only thing that you haven't done is concatenating the two strings. The rest looks good – Chris May 15 at 18:31
  • console log takes any number of strings as parameters and spits them out together, no need for concatenation. – SpeedOfRound May 15 at 18:34
  • @SpeedOfRound, seems like the quiz asks for that though – Chris May 15 at 18:34
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    Your code does exactly what it should and it's even better than the requirement asks for. Concatenating variables would be console.log(ThingOne + ThingTwo); but printing each be separating with commas is vastly superior, as it avoids some weird cases you can get into. Unfortunately, the online quiz sounds either broken or deliberately made to be obtuse. – VLAZ May 15 at 18:46

I could see a world where someone is anal enough to want to see something like this

var ThingOne;
var ThingTwo;

ThingOne = 'Yellow';
ThingTwo = 'Green';

console.log( ThingOne + ThingTwo );

But this is not something people do, its way too verbose, your way is simpler, and simplicity is important.

  • I tried that earlier and got the same response. I think the quiz isn't working right. Thanks so much for the feedback! – Isabella Weems May 15 at 18:52

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