I create generic add method that makes search in database given id and then i make changes on table and so i save it to database but when i add it under transaction scope it didn't worked. Thrown Request timeout Exception.It works on .net framework but doesn't work on .net core.I tried Mock<> but it does give me an error that platform doesn't support that.

   using (Y db = new Y())
            using (var transaction = db.Database.BeginTransaction())
                db.Table.Add(new Table());
                public static void add<Y>(Func<T, bool> condition)
                    tableobject = Db.Set<Y>().where(condition).FirstOrDefault();

I make some changes on question for representation real situation. I find the solution. This is a method that takes parameters and create new instance MyDbContext. I called this method under transaction and if you work with .net core you cant create two dbcontext instance.You can work only one dbcontext. And I passed my Dbcontext class to method and the problem solved.

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