My work demands I use pymupdf to extract tables from pdf files and export to csv format.

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  • Welcome to Stack Overflow. How uniform are the .pdfs? Do any of them contain scanned content that needs to be OCRed? How far along the process are you? Do you know if the tables are uniform? Are they well formed tables? – Jason Aller May 16 at 6:21

You are out of luck, I'm afraid. The PDF format has no internal representation of a table structure, which makes it difficult to extract tables for analysis. You have to infer the existence of a table by seeing where the columns of data have been lined up.

There are modules that will do this for you: one is Excalibur. But pymupdf is about extracting text as text and that will leave you having to do the parsing and inferencing yourself. That is a fairly ambitious project.

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