I have detected and extracted SURF keypoints and their descriptors with and without DENSE surf technique. But everytime I am doing matching using FLANN based KNNmatcher, my number of matches is always zero.

for example I have 24000 number of keypoints with dense surf in both images and they are visually same images but still number of matches is zero.

Here is my code. I am working on ROS. so my code is related to ROS. First_descriptors_object is computed the same way as descripter_object.

      int step = 2; // 2 pixels spacing between kp's
      for (int y=step; y<detectPerson.rows-step; y+=step){
          for (int x=step; x<detectPerson.cols-step; x+=step){

              // x,y,radius
              keypoints_object.push_back(KeyPoint(float(x), float(y), float(step)));

      extractor->compute(detectPerson, keypoints_object, descriptors_object);

//*****************Image Matching************************************

      Ptr<DescriptorMatcher> matcher = DescriptorMatcher::create(DescriptorMatcher::FLANNBASED);
      // FlannBasedMatcher matcher(new cv::flann::KDTreeIndexParams(5));
      std::vector< std::vector<DMatch> > knn_matches;
      matcher->knnMatch(First_descriptors_object, descriptors_object, knn_matches, 2 );
  //-- Filter matches using the Lowe's ratio test
      const float ratio_thresh = 0.7f;
      std::vector<DMatch> good_matches;
      std::vector<DMatch> bad_matches;
      ROS_INFO("KNN matches length %zu",knn_matches.size());
      for (size_t i = 0; i < knn_matches.size(); i++)
        if (knn_matches[i][0].distance < ratio_thresh * knn_matches[i][1].distance){
            match =  good_matches.size() ;
          mismatch = bad_matches.size();
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