I've got the following code in my component:

  • I begin a bounce effect by calling setState with setPosition(-0.08)
  • Then I'm using a ref to store a setTimeout with a call to setPosition(0) after 350ms.
function changeImage(dir) {

  const isBouncing = useRef(false);
  const bounceTimeout = useRef(null);
  // ... some other code

  if (dir === 'LEFT' && selected === 0) {
      isBouncing.current = true;
      bounceTimeout.current = setTimeout(()=> { 
        isBouncing.current = false;
      }, 350);

It works as intended!


Is there any reason why I shouldn't be doing this (calling setState from a setTimeout)?


You can call setState from a setTimeout. That is for example one of the ways to achieve animation.

But in your case you should move your code to useEffect hook, otherwise it may cause side effects.

And you also need to clear the timeout on unmounting

useEffect(() => {
  return () => {
    if (bounceTimeout.current !== null) {
}, [])

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