How to copy cell value to first empty cell in B column, so if range("B22") have value than copy below

My code is

Set Rng = Range("B36:B360")
For Each cll In Rng
   If cll.Row < Today And cll.Value <> "" And cll.Font.Color = vbBlack Then
If Range("B22") = "" Then
    Range("B22") = cll
    Range("B23") = cll
End If

But i will have 10 cells or more that i need to copy in B22 cell and below, so there must be another way to paste these cells?


Instead of trying to make an IF ELSE for each possible scenario, you can make a loop.

Something along the lines of

For i = 22 To 36 'Or however far you are willing to go down
    If Cells(i, 2) = "" Then '2 Here being column 2, or "B"
        Cells(i, 2) = cll
        Exit For 'Stop looking once we found the empty cell
    End If
Next i

I mostly use variation of Range("B" & Cells(Rows.Count, 2).End(xlUp).Offset(1, 0).Row)
To find the first empty cell after the last used cell. But it doesn't work if you have empty rows in-between your data.

You could also use find

Set emptyRng = Range("B22:B" & Rows.Count).Find(What:="", lookat:=xlWhole)
emptyRng.Value = cll

And other combinations. Here I put Rows.Count as end limit instead, just to show some options.

  • Thank you, i tried your first recommendation, and it's working very well. – user10783243 May 16 at 13:29

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