After declaring an array for some object type where the type doesn't directly expose COM's IDispatch interface (& so is not Automation compatible), trying to assign the array to a Variant variable doesn't work according to my expectations.

Specifically, what appears to happen is that an integral pointer to the array is assigned to the Variant variable, instead of a copy of the array.

Can anyone explain such behaviour? Is it standard behaviour of the VBA 7.1 language? Is it that VBA's Variant type can't handle such arrays?


More details on what appears to be happening

After inspecting various memory addresses & pointers, what appears to be happening is that when assigning such arrays to Variant variables, the Long (or LongPtr) pointers to the 'VB safe array pointers' of the arrays, are instead being assigned. This is contrary to the array-copying behaviour documented here in the VBA language specification as being expected behaviour. I deduced such pointer assignment was taking place after reviewing VB6 documentation on VB arrays & their memory layout, stored here.

My research into whether issue has been previously documented

I've searched the internet, the Office VBA Reference documentation, & the VBA language specification to see whether this problem has been documented by anyone else. The only place I've found where this problem may have already been partly documented is in a Stack Overflow answer posted here. Unfortunately, the post doesn't say much about the problem.

Specific array types that I have tested this issue with

I have experienced this issue with arrays of the following non-IDispatch-exposing object types:

  • stdole.IUnknown *
  • stdole.IFont
  • mscoree.CorRuntimeHost
  • mscorlib.AppDomain
  • mscorlib.Type

* From OLE Automation COM type library in stdole2.tlb.
† From COM type library for the .NET framework v4.0.30319.

More on what a non-IDispatch-exposing object type is

Non-IDispatch-exposing object types are vbDataObject types. Unfortunately, the current VBA documentation on the vbDataObject constant is inaccurate. I'm in the process of updating the documentation, & you can see my updated definition for the constant here.

COM specification appears to support being able to hold such arrays in Variant data

After examining documentation on the Variant specification & safe arrays in the OLE Automation protocol specification, it appears that the COM specification for the Variant type can handle such arrays (the FADF_UNKNOWN constant seems to particularly clarify this).

Regarding arrays of other object types

Arrays of vbObject types (Automation-compatible COM object types) appear to be assigned to Variant variables in a straight-forward & expected manner - array is copied and directly assigned.

VBE used to crash when inspecting such arrays using a VBE watch

A potentially related issue is to do with a bug that used to occur when a VBE watch expression was placed on an array of a non-IDispatch-exposing type. The bug used to cause the VBE to unexpectedly crash. This bug appears to have been fixed by Microsoft within the last month.

Software versions

  Software               | Version      
VBA | 7.1
Microsoft Excel | 2016 §
Microsoft Windows (OS) | 8.1

‡ Full text for version is "Retail 7.1.1088" - currently the latest version.
§ More specifically, the currently latest version, version 1904 & build 11601.20204 released on 14th May 2019.
ver.exe program prints "Microsoft Windows [Version 6.3.9600]".



    Dim MyArray() As stdole.IUnknown ' Type from OLE Automation 
                                     ' COM type library in stdole2.tlb.
    Dim MyVariant As Variant
    MyVariant = MyArray

I expected MyVariant to store a copy of the MyArray array.

Instead, in the 32-bit version of VBA, MyVariant stores a Long value that appears to be a pointer to MyArray.

Debugging issue

Click here for VBA code to assist in debugging issue.

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    Interestingly, if you pass MyArray into a routine that accepts ByRef v As Variant, the TypeName(v) inside it is correctly Unknown(). So you can have public function CorrectlyAssign(ByRef v As Variant) As Variant : CorrectlyAssign = v : End Function and do MyVariant = CorrentlyAssign(MyArray). – GSerg May 16 at 9:43
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    Yet another array-to-pointer bug in VBA, I am being kept amused. (Other examples are stackoverflow.com/q/3375562/11683 and stackoverflow.com/a/183356/11683). – GSerg May 16 at 9:51
  • Hello @GSerg - thanks for these comments. It's looking as though it is a VBA bug that occurs in type conversions from vbDataObject-object arrays to Variant data whenever array copying is involved. In the case of the ByRef type conversion, no array copying is involved, so the type conversion appears to be working as expected - such behaviour is still odd because it differs from the ByVal type conversion, with the ByVal behaviour being even odder. – Mark Fernandes May 16 at 18:11
  • Have now sent feedback using Microsoft Excel Feedback feature, to Microsoft regarding this issue. Have asked them to confirm whether it is a bug. – Mark Fernandes May 17 at 8:53
  • Good luck with that (honestly), although I personally haven't had any success with my bug reports. – GSerg May 17 at 8:56

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